Are you not satisfied with the performance of your business website? Does it take too long to get loaded? Or, are you unhappy with the uptime of the website? If your answer to any of the above mentioned question is yes then you definitely need to check out web hosting packages based on Dedicated Server. In simple words, it is a kind of web hosting package that lets you to hire a dedicated server which works just for your website, unlike the shared ones. As a result, what you get is a powerful server that works 24×7 and throughout the year only for your website, which in turn makes your website really fast and helps it run smoothly. Nevertheless, considering the fact that there exist numerous web hosting service providers in the web world, it can get difficult for you to pick the right one. For this reason, this article will help you know about the features or aspects you need to consider when looking for a dedicated server web hosting provider.

Things to Look For

Proper Security: This is perhaps the most important aspect you need to check out when going for a web hosting package having dedicated server. Security is a major threat that can really hurt your online business. Physical intrusion, malware attacks, and hacking are some of the issues related to this area. Web hosting companies that are reliable make every attempt to ensure safety is not an issue for their customers. The information stored in any dedicated server is quite important as well as confidential from your business view point. And, for this reason, safety is the prime aspect you need to consider when choosing a web hosting provider of dedicated server.

Maintenance: Apart from security, your web hosting provider should be able to provide maintenance service of your dedicated server all through the year. Proper and timely maintenance of server ensures smooth running of the website, which in turn adds more power to your online business. For this reason, always prefer a web hosting company that does not stay behind when it comes to the maintenance of your dedicated server.

High Level Encryption: In order to deal with cyber related threats, high level encryption is proving to be quite successful. By encrypting login details, such as usernames, personal details, and passwords, it becomes easy for the online company to build a good reputation among its customers. Confidentiality of personal and financial details is definitely a major requirement these days. SCP and SSH are basically used these days for encrypting details, which prevents unauthorized access to vital information.

Monitoring: A web hosting service provider that keeps an eye on the server logs on regular basis can be a good option to consider. Monitoring the server logs is quite essential as it helps to detect any unusual activity due to sudden increase in the traffic. So, those were some of the basic needs that you should consider when going for a dedicated server website hosting package.…


With the rising need to have a website these days, more and more companies and individuals are considering to bring their businesses in the online world. Without any doubt, if you have a business, but it has not made it presence in the online world then you are definitely missing something. And, this is the reason why major web hosting companies are coming up with attractive offers in order to grab more customers. When we talk about web hosting companies, Hostgator is perhaps the first name that pops inside our mind. Being one of the top web hosting companies around the globe, it has always tried to offer maximum benefits to the customers. And, Hostgator coupons are always there to make the transition of your business to the online world easy.

Grab the Deal

In case you do not have much idea about the coupons offered by Hostgator, this article will surely help you out. As per the latest updates, Hostgator Summer Coupon is the one you definitely need to check out. Presently, the web hosting company is offering up to 75 percent discount on the hosting packages, and this is something you really cannot miss out. Nevertheless, the offer is valid only for a limited period of time. And, before it is too late, visit the website of Hostgator to know more about the deals. However, there are many more offers that you can avail this summer. And, most of them would be available for at least 4 days.


Without any doubt, the 75 percent discount offer is quite attractive. However, it is important to point out that the amount of discount would vary as per the category of website hosting. For example, in case you are purchasing shared web hosting, and suppose it cost $100 for the same then as per the discount offer, you need to pay just $25! Nevertheless, there is a catch. Well, in order to avail this summer offer, you have to purchase the web hosting package for up to a certain period of time; which can be up to 6 months. However, there is no doubt that overall the offer is really good from your business point of view. Below are some of the offers you need to check out this summer.

Types of summer offers

Apart from the 75 percent discount on shared hosting packages (for 1 to 6 months period), there are many more you can avail from Hostgator; such as you can get up to 50 percent discount on all VPS based hosting packages. In addition, you can also get up to 45 percent discount on Reseller as well as Dedicated server packages.

There are numerous websites that offer coupons which can be used for Hostgator. All you need to do is find such coupons and apply the coupon code during the time of check out. So, what are you waiting for? Just find a coupon for Hostgator that suits you needs and make some really good savings while getting a website for your business.



It is a truth that the companies who offer cheapest web host services are not always genuine, and picking it as a choice might be a threatening situation. However, there is one good news that with so much of competition in the market of web hosting services, these days one can find cheapest we hosting plans starting from 3 to 4$, where earlier the prices used to start with 10 to 12$. Not just this, you can find wide choice when it comes to affordable web hosting packages offered by plenty of known companies. Though it is already mentioned that cheap hostings are not to be relied upon, but if you consider few elements and remember them while finding the best web host company, you will land on a right place.

What aspects to consider when searching inexpensive web hosts?


If you are looking for an ordinary and decent site, only for personal purpose then you can always go for cheap plans as you are not at high risk stage. In addition to this, you need not have to spend any money if you are not satisfied with the potential of the company.

The first thing to keep in mind is that, as we know the prices of the plans are low, make sure not to keep high expectations with it. One of the important things to remember is about the trustworthiness of the web host. No doubt you are spending just 3 to 4$ per month, but it a hard earned money at the end of the day which you cannot afford to lose. You can expect good service in exchange with your valuable money. There are various companies promise 100% uptime, meaning the server will never crash. But, it is unfortunate that these promises do not always stand up. The reason behind this is the companies do not aim to serve best, rather they intend to attract businessmen from whom they can extract a good deal of amount. By doing so, they forget the average customers who are in need of reliability and decent service.

A myth- money back guarantee

With cheap web hosting, though the companies offer 3 to 4$, still you should not believe them as no company will revert back with just 3 to 4$. Therefore, be careful when the company comes up with such promises. Next thing while searching for a reputed company is to check its customer service. With cheap web hosting services, you must be prepared with minimum expectations and of course a long wait. Lot of companies will keep you on hold for a long while, and end up disconnecting your call.

At last, if you have made up your mind to purchase cheap hosting, make sure you check the features and offers without fail. You can even compare various companies online, their prices and features to know about them in detail. This method will even help you to make out the pros and cons of each company, which in turn will help you in making easy and quick decisions.





Thinking of starting a website through which you can easily reach your customers or have a blog to share with the world about your views regarding cooking ideas? Whatever be the reason that you are starting a website, the first thing that you would require is a domain name and a web host. The domain name is must because with it you can reach your targeted customers. It is generally easy so that the people trying to visit your site can do that easily.

Three things required for hosting a site
As already mentioned, when you are thinking of hosting a site on the Web, the most important things that would be required by you are the domain name, web host and HTML editor. Domain name makes your site recognisable over the net; a web host makes the hosting possible. Web hosting must be done with a good provide that can give you choices of different types servers that available for hosting your site. With a HTML editor you can easily edit the text and other contents that your site is comprised of. With an HTML editor you can design and control the content of your site easily.

Is HTML editor expensive?
A HTML editor is simply software that makes it possible for you to manage the content of the site. This is actually available online with many web hosting plans absolutely free of cost. You just do not have to bear even a penny for them. Thus, it is not correct to think that HTML editor are expensive. However, there are different services that are available with this software, hence before you choose any check out the features with your free web hosting HTML. Make sure that you are getting various services like
• Opt in forms,
• Auto responders
• E mail forwarders and many more.
Finding free web hosting with HTML editor
Thus, when you are searching for a web host who would host your site free over the net, make sure you search for the one with the feature of HTML editor. Getting free web hosting HTML may seem something very unusual, but there are lots of such service providers who would easily do the job and are actually doing it on regular basis.

An online HTML editor is just helpful especially when you would require making changes at your site. Whatever hosting plan you take for hosting your site, just make sure that they would provide you proper customer support whenever you would require it the most. Without proper support, you and your website may face a lot of problems in the long run. They would just be required by you to make your website exist smoothly over the net. Ask them the mode by which they provide support, either by live chat or phone or mail. Note it down so that you do not face problem. Hence, if searched properly, it becomes really easy to find out a webhosting along with HTML editor and that too free of cost.…


Well known and reputed web hosts offer web hosting with cpanel as it is the most easy-to-use control panel. With the help of the cPanel one can easily manage files, folders and databases in the website. Email accounts can be created, domains and sub domains can be managed and a lot more services are provided by in the web integrated cPanel. The skin and the tools can be organized in a user friendly way. This gives you more control over your account.

Features of Cpanel that comes with Web Hosting

There are several features of cPanel that makes it a popular choice. Any person who wants to start a website and searches for a webhost see to it that the web host provides a cPanel control panel. The Features that people look for are:

Video tutorials

Web host provides cPanel video tutorials for the help of users. All are not capable of the entire system and technical in the website. With the video illustration the system become very much easy.

Customize the style

The cPanel has the option to customize the visual of the cPanel. There are several pre installed themes in the cPanel from where one can choose according to personal preference.

Email Accounts

With cPanel you can easily manage the email accounts that are present in your website. You can select the domain which is suitable for your email account.


Spam Assassin is available through cPanel. These will help the website to spam free. It is an automated way of email filtering.

The webmail choice depends upon the user. cPanel do not specify any particular webmail. You can choose the one you are comfortable in.

Email Forwarders

This system allows automatic forward of email from one account to the other. If you have more than one account and need to send copies of sent mail to the other email account this feature of cPanel will help the client. There are also options of auto forward emails. This will help when you are away for some time and this response will assure the people about your response.



Cloud storage allows having backups of the files. They do not block the hard disk of the computer but allows to store the files as a backup with the help of cloud computing. This is available in cPanel.

Usage viewing

cPanel allows seeing the disk space already used. You will very easily know when to clean up those junk files. You can access how many files you can out in your website.

Password Protect Directories

When you limit access to your website you will need a username and password. This will ensure that a part of your website is under your control. This is done through cPanel.

Image tools

cPanel allows the option of image tools. This will allow you to view and modify the images in the website very easily.  You can even change the size of the image, convert the type of file or just view the image.

There are many utilities of cPanel that allows the customer to have a very good experience in web hosting. The entire thing becomes easy and user friendly when the web host offers cPanel.




The is a tool which is provided by many reputed web hosting companies to make websites, applications of different types which can be run on different interfaces. The is a framework which allows language coding and usage of different programming languages.  These applications require specially designed servers to function correctly. To our surprise, there are many web hosting services which provide this service for free too for personal and also business blogs and sites. Smart people choice

The is a very pragmatic knowledge for web designing where it has surpassed many features and overcome a number of disadvantages of ordinary web hosting. It is a wholesome package which ordains security, databases like MySQL completely in this application framework. It supports Internet Information Services too. There are different packages for the free web hosting, Some are designed to fit in all its features. There are many options with regards to disk space, File transfer Protocol access, website builders, access database in the packages. Hence, choose the best package which suits your requirements.  The free ones are best for Small blogs as they require lower disk space. Some companies provide free services initially for testing purpose and as a promotional package after which it can be upgraded with some charges.


The smart people must see the uptime guarantees which should be no less than 99.99%, besides customer support and attractive freebies. The free service period can be looked as a testing or trial period to pullout bad companies from the list. Once satisfied, one can always upgrade to remain unaffected by the drawbacks of the free services on business profitability due to low traffic generated.

Free Site building tools in your hands

When packages are bought in paid web hosting company, some companies offer the best website building tools and templates and also add a touch of high end innovative technological edge to it. There are auto responders, shopping carts, security coding and also email responses and list and also complete backup services. In free services too, the domain and IP addresses are absolutely free for life, hence when the offer period is over, the free domain can still be continued, but there can be limitations with bandwidth, disk space.  More domains, speed and disk space are required for big business enterprise. Hence, the rudimentary features of free hosting services may not suffice to bring more traffic. In such cases, it is best to upgrade to higher versions, this will keep you away from the menacing advertisement placed by the free providers too.

The most sought after controls 

The parallel plesk control panel is very useful to undertake the tasks of modulating the created site in terms of the templates, also to create reseller accounts and email accounts additionally through web linkage. This is provided by the most reputed sites for a low price and with the most extensible windows servers which provides a complete solution. The free services normally do not give partial controls which is not very useful.





Web hosting is not a onetime service, but the best web hosting companies provide a differential service engulfing the various stages of business where the main focus is the online world. The web hosting services are much cheaper over the web marketing services which can be evident from the fact that the coupons of many companies enforce a hostgator 1 penny coupon for a month to take a trial of their package.

hostgator 1 penny coupon

Packages of different tastes and budget

There are many different packages available in a web hosting company. They can be either customized or have fixed features. Thus, depending on the business needs one can choose the package which have no add-ons, no set costs and hence a free trial run is possible at any time with such enticing offers. The first investment for a business floating online is a website with a good server. If the first bill is meager 1 cent, it gives a lot of mental relaxation to an already capital deficient business till it hits the first profitability mark. The free web hosting services have many loop holes with respect to customization, lack of control panels and also unsatisfactory customer support. However, a penny can be a very similar investment with an outcome much superior to free web hosting services. Reputed companies which promote their business with coupons definitely drive a superior customer support with money back guarantees even for the 1 penny investment offers.

The unlimited benefits are waiting for you

The 1 penny coupon can open windows to a new world of technology where you will be the owner of a world class website with unlimited bandwidth, disk space,  a number of domains and sub domains, email accounts, 24×7 email and chat support.  This 1 penny offer is very much favorable of people wishing to switch hosting providers when they will be equipped with a transfer plan absolutely inclusive or even free in some cases. This coupon services allows a person to test the quality of services as there are many counterfeit companies lurking in the online world which make false promises never to fulfill them.

Knocking Business Opportunity

This 1 cent can also open a new world of opportunities to start a business of your own by buying the reseller packages. There are many affiliate websites of hostgator coupon. Starting a business has never been so easy hence there is no basis to underestimate the power of 1 cent. The web marketing companies can especially avail grandeur of benefits to increase the network of customers and keep them glued as loyal customers with the best web hosting with best uptime guarantees and also in all relevant server types from commonly used shared servers to the dedicated servers of the peak advantage. 1 cent hosting with 1 penny coupons is a very extraordinary offer along with the many other discount offers and free goodies provided by web hosting companies. Trust is what the company like Hostgator wants to evoke and has also been able to do it with 8 million website owners already enlisted in its line of customers.…


The web hosting reseller plans come with a lot of advantages. A web hosting company is guiding force for another company to set up a web hosting business at favorable terms and with good amount of profit guarantees. This is in the wake of a new trend that this business seems to be a lucrative source of income as there are many companies desiring to increase their visibility in the online world.

The resellers guide

  • There are many reselling packages available with many web hosting companies. It is primarily necessary to review the company and also its packages. Preferably choose good brand and reputable companies.
  • The reseller package must be good in terms of server uptime guarantee, support levels and also accompany with lots of discounts.
  • The free domain names and IP Addresses provided initially for rebranding the reseller services with full free set up formalities at the door step which is installed in a few minutes.
  • The control panel is the most important feature and hence must be convenient to use. This is the tool which will allow in managing the bandwidth and the disk space of the end users by the reselling agent.
  • An easy billing application is also a must too. This helps in easing the time consuming billing procedure of a network of customers. Some good web hosting companies also ideally have large network coverage; hence the resellers can confidently offer the reliable hosting services to their end customers without any downtime issue.
  • The full time live chat services for any technical glitches and free reinstallment or replacement of hardware, etc are a must feature of a good package.
  • The good web hosting companies also have affiliated sites which offer coupons and huge discounts for such reseller packages they offer.

Starting a business is matter of few minutes

Preferably set up a total green business in a few minutes where there are no harmful emissions only wind energy used to power the servers. Be it the top end dedicated servers for a higher traffic business or Virtual private servers or only shared servers, with top class websites having auto responders, mailing services with simple mail transfer protocols and lists and many other good features like shopping carts for the retail oriented businesses, the control of the business should totally be in the hands of the reseller. This business is flourishing as the resellers are guaranteed these services by the web hosting companies for any kind of websites including blogs, forums, or even joomla software with various website templates as they have heavy expertise in these types of services. They also provided secured websites.

Hence the web hosting reseller packages are especially useful for web marketing companies to build an edge over their competitors by these sophisticated add on services at cheap rates. Such a hassle free business managed by a web hosting is definitely on the top agenda of many people’s mind where they become the owners of unlimited accounts and control panels and many more at very low rates.



Looking out for multiple avenues for snapping the extra flab from your body is not only challenging but also difficult to achieve. It demands rigorous sessions of the tread mill or laborious hours at the gym. Apart from that there is also the burdensome task of making a strict diet plan and bidding goodbye to all your favourite delicacies. Under these circumstances, it is quintessential to realise that you need something that would not force you to put an imposition on your diet and at the same time let you enjoy the prompt shortening of your waistline and other necessary flab from your body.

One of the major factors that guide you to achieve such a utopian weight loss session is the presence of raspberry ketones. They are artificially manufactured ketones that have proved their efficiency in the seamless abolition of the fat without hampering your diet. Moreover the best part of them is they never demand you to compromise the scrumptious delicacies. It had been once found that these ketones while applied on the rats’ fat cells, they began releasing adiponectin, an ingredient that is commonly found in the thin people. Moreover it has also shown that its efficiency in keeping an enhanced form of metabolism, thus breaking down the fat cells via the popularly known process of lipolysis.

The Credibility of Raspberry Ketones

Before purchasing a bottle of these raspberry ketones in UK, it is important to determine how efficient are they in killing down the fat and restoring you to back in shape. There has been a lot of controversy regarding the application of these ketones as many opine that they have resulted in a waste of money and nothing significant took place in their physical structures. On the other hand raspberry ketones have also developed a huge fan following resulting in positive impacts on them.

Scientifically these ketones cannot be deprived of their credibility in minimizing the fat from the body as it is significant that they are responsible for the process of lipolysis.Many a people in UK have effectively reported to feel relieved of the undesired fat from their body magically after they had switched on to the use of raspberry ketones. Moreover they did not complain of any sort of side effects or peripheral issues that may cropped up after their consumptions. Some of them have also witnessed a reinvigorating energy in their daily lives that is indicative of the ketones’ performance as a metabolism activator. Thus practically speaking, they are efficient catalysts boosting up the weight loss regimes from a body efficiently enough.

On the other hand some users in UK have brought into focus that these ketones fail to live up to the purpose efficiently and actively. The reason solely stands as the different sort of diet plans that are usually followed during their intakes. An empty stomach consumption of the ketones may consequentially lead to nausea and moreover may also affect the speed in losing weight. Thus the complaints are subject to the limitations of varied intake policies and time issues.…